Saturday, December 8, 2007

Eating more than you thought?

It's amazing how one can truly eat more calories than they thought they were. I found this site courtesy of the MTM forums:

Both of these images are 200 calories each. Which would you rather spend your calories on?

On another topic, I actually did a LSB today (long slow burn). VERRRY unusual for me, as you may know by now I absolutely cannot stand doing something cardio for longer than 30 minutes max, so I usually go hard and short- intervals after weight training, or just intervals. However, I got into the gym and just could not psych myself up. So, I got on a bike, set the resistance at medium-high, noted my speed, and went to town. As I've said, I'm not an endurance person. The last 30 minutes were hell, and the last 10 were horrendous. My speed fell at about 35 minutes from 17 to 15 and I just couldn't get it back up. I had to reduce the tension at 45 min and still couldn't keep up my speed, which fell to a 14, and eventually a 12. My toes went numb somewhere around 30 minutes and my knee bugged me for awhile. And THOSE are the reasons I don't do steady-state cardio. I'll be back to my normal intervals by Monday if I don't get in tomorrow.


Kristen said...

LOL, that sounds like me...I now despise moderate cardio...but it usually takes more mental psyching to go through with a moderate cardio than an interval one. At least you actually got a really good moderate cardio session in!

Speaking of broccoli vs. gummy eating has been sub-par the last few days because of back to back parties. I need to get the crap out of my house and get back on track!!

Brian said...

yea there is definitely an emotional and mental element to endurance cardio, especially when it's indoors on some stationary object..
It's nice to switch back and forth between endurance and HIIT.

Brian said...

this also reminded me that whenever I run for more than say 40 minutes or so, my legs actually get this tingly feeling and go half numb. Sometimes I get slightly dizzy too. Not sure if that's bad or not but whatever.

Carrie said...

Kristen, Get the crap out! I made some cookies on Saturday evening and I wish I could have waited until this morning. I didn't eat TOO many of them, but boy they are good! They're leaving the house this morning.

Brian, the numbness thing is weird, isn't it? You'd think with all the exercise physiology classes I've had to take, that I'd know what causes it.