Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A New Post

Hey all,
I'm back and raring to go! I decided to put my internet addiction on the back burner over the Christmas holiday, and amazingly enough didn't hyperventilate too much! However, now I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll hopefully get around to everyone's blogs eventually.

Since last Thursday, I did okay in the workout department and worse in the eating dept. I worked out on Thursday, Sunday, and today. However, I did allow myself to enjoy the food that was available. I won't say I went off any deep end; I didn't binge at all, but I didn't limit the amount I was eating too much, and therefore know I surpassed my calorie limit most days. Most of it was evident by the fact that I really did not want to eat today at all, so I only had three meals.

Christmas was good; I got some new workout clothes that I'm excited to try, and all the clothes I got fit well. I kept getting comments about how much weight I'd lost, and while most were positive, I did get quite a few that said "you've lost enough" or "are you anorexic?". Yes, seriously, I got accused of being anorexic (after I'd eaten a fairly good-sized plate of food). I can't quite seem to get it into the others' heads that I'm still a size 10, and my hips and thighs still leave a lot of room for improvement. So I turned it around to them and pretty much just said, "I'm really looking to get a more muscular look." It was fairly well accepted, except by the anorexic commenter. And yes, those people were overweight. So I realize I've got a lot of work to do, even in my own family, on getting others to have a more healthy outlook on life.

Oh yeah- I also got the comment, "You're skinny now, you can eat this"- meaning junk. Ha! I replied, "I'm only skinny because I limit what I eat and work my tail off in the gym."

Now, the New Year is coming up and I should do a look-back one of these days. However, it's just exciting to see that a time of renewal is coming up, since I believe I need one. My last renewal was on Labor Day, and look where it got me!

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