Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I had a really great workout today, so I'm feeling pretty happy right now. I did Week One: Workout One from Josh Hillis' Holiday Fat Loss workout (which I got from the 12 Days of Fitness gift-giving extravaganza), since I finished with Turbulence Training's Hardcore Fat Loss last week. The workout was a wonderful bootcamp-style workout, alternating between two exercises for 20 minutes. Sound easy? Well the caveat is that the weight you use is heavy enough that you can only complete 5-7 sets within that time. I got 8, which means my weight was not quite high enough. Oh well- I'll just have to use a heavier weight next time. After that, I did HIIT for 20 minutes, with 20 minutes of easy steady state.

Am I mad that I didn't weigh in at 142 this past Monday? You betcha, and I plan to see that number this Monday! I don't believe I will win the challenge, but I did realize that I was one of the challengers who was closest to their ideal bodyweight, so no wonder. Oh well! I still made some great progress since Thanksgiving, and when I see that 142 on Monday, I will have lost those 8 pounds that Alwyn challenged us to lose in those 6 weeks!

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