Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Off Stress Mountain

Remember how last week I was nearly hyperventilating? Of course, I now look back at it and wonder what the hell i was so worried about. At any rate, my workouts this week have been interesting:
  • Monday's sucked, I did not feel well because of a cold, so did 10 minutes lifting and 10 minutes biking and called it good
  • Tuesday was 60 min on the treadmill, running for 2-3 minutes at a time for the first 30 minutes, then walking for the next 30 minutes. I'm playing around with some endurance stuff lately, have you noticed? I'm just happy that I can run for 3 minutes straight...
  • This morning was the pits, could not get any motivation going. I did do a weight workout, and it picked up speed halfway through, but then I skipped the HIIT. So I'll be going back in to kick it.

Oh and I got to post this in the challenge board yesterday: 143.5!!!! And the body is catching up too. I have really got the definition going on in the chest/upper back area. Seems that's the only place that wants to really let go of the body fat sometimes, however, the hips and waist are definitely shrinking, slowly but surely, so I know i will get there. I may have to have a push month again in January, but then I'm calling it good on the fat loss. My resolution for next year is to start training for some more endurance activities, since I'm sick of admitting to people that i can't run more than 3 minutes straight.

And, if you haven't read the latest article on Billy's Blog about the phoenix, then go and check it out right now (or when you have 10 minutes). It's awesome.

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