Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting Complacent

I'll have to stop this one in its tracks: because I technically have hit my goal (145 by Dec 24), I find myself wanting to get complacent and wanting to eat the junk and not keep the discipline. I did stop it in its tracks earlier today- was going to have a glass of choco milk as a snack, and 1/2 cup into pouring it realized what I was doing. I stopped that immediately and had an apple with the 1/2 cup choco milk. So, I didn't completely turn it around by pouring the milk back into the container, but it was better than having 12 oz.

I'm still in the challenge. I still have one of the bottom standings. And there's still two weeks to go. So I'm not stopping. Oh, I'll enjoy myself at Christmas, but I'm not going all out and am going to enjoy myself in different ways other than just ingesting food. The last thing I'm going to do is backtrack! AND I'm going to keep to a tight workout schedule!

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