Thursday, August 16, 2007

A few things

First, I haven't posted since nearly the beginning of summer. That tells anyone something about how things are going.

Second, I kindof unofficially sorta started Turbulence Training this past week. Dang, I'm having a hard time keeping to a workout schedule when there's no pressure on me. *note to self- pressure must be good*

Third, I noticed that my goal picture up top still says May 1. That's long come and go. I've maintained any losses that were incurred by Alwyn's program, but not made any more progress toward those pics. Too bad, means I won't be in a two-piece swimsuit by Labor Day. sigh.

Fourth, I'm really starting to take notice of my nutrition and moods, and how they all interact. I'm built weird (my hubby would just say I'm a female), and my moods go all over the place, especially when I'm allowed time to think. I think myself into a bowl of icecream or out of a workout. So, two things: I must plan my meals on Sundays again and I must be not allowed to think. Hmm.

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