Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My New Hero

I generally abhor hero worship, but after re-reading Skwigg's last entry and staring again at her pics, I have to say I'm completely in awe. This girl's crazy in an awesome way, and she went from great to awesome with the Afterburn program that I finished up in May. Amazing what a person can do without excuses!

If you have never heard of this girl, go visit and read.

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Dave said...

Hi, I have stumbled upon your blog and I find it very interesting :)

After reading yours and Skwiggs blog, I am planning on doing the Afterburn workout. I ordered the books and will start on Labor Day and finish on Christmas Eve.

I took Karate a long time ago but haven't done it since I moved. I am planning on getting back into it in the Spring (I will be finished with college then).