Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sticking to it

Workout Today? Yes/No
Planned workout today? Yes/No
Planned meals for today? Yes/No
Followed plan for meals? Yes/No
Healthy food choices today? Yes/No _100___% (__6__ out of 6 meals) *skipping meals denotes unhealthy food choice
Enjoyed my family today? Yes/No
Succeeded for school today? Yes/No *school does not start until Sept 10

See, things just seem to go better when they are planned out for me. Sigh. I need to keep that in mind! This accountability thing helps, though, since I know now that people will jump on me if they start to notice I'm slacking. I thanks thee for that!

Following the menu was just a tad bit difficult today, partly because I felt hungry and partly because I was tired (daughter climbed into bed with me at one point and she's a bit of a tosser who loves to be extra-close, whereas I like my space so I end up nearly falling off the bed- same thing happens with my hubby). I was supposed to have tuna salad and lettuce for lunch, but I decided to go for the EFL meatloaf in my fridge instead. If you have the Eating for Life book, and haven't yet tried the meatloaf, take some Sunday afternoon and do so! It's quite good. I also exchanged my evening Midmeal and my afternoon Midmeal (Frozen creamy banana protein shake, tastes just like ice cream). Of course other food was calling to me all day today, not so much because I wanted it, more a psychological thing since I knew it wasn't on the menu. However, I'm quite enjoying having the menu. It's much easier to follow than my ad-hoc daily plans.

Creamy banana protein shake recipe (modeled after the Anyday Sundae in the EFL book):
1 cup milk
1 scoop protein powder (vanilla)
1 banana
1/2 cup reduced fat whipped topping
Ice cubes to taste- 4 to 6
2 tsp chocolate syrup

In a blender, blend milk and protein powder, then add ice cubes followed by the banana and the whipped topping. Split into two cups and place into freezer for up to 24 hours. The sooner it is taken out, the less frozen solid it will be. When ready to eat, place 1 tsp chocolate syrup on shake and enjoy!

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