Monday, August 27, 2007

Answering some Questions

[quote]I like your accountability questions.

It's interesting that you worked out two days, but had no workout plan for those days. Does that indicate success in workouts or failure in planning, and if your goal is workouts, is that success or not?

Also does your success in healthy food choices in 3 out of 6 meals indicate that you only ate 3 meals or that you ate 3 good meals and 3 bad meals.

The greatest life success is that you enjoyed your family both days. That is the one that really counts.

Thanks for making me think of how I should become more accountable for my actions.[/quote]

Thanks, you ask good questions too!

For the workout plan, it means that I had one and didn't follow it. I probably should have been more specific about that. Basically that question is asking, did you follow the workout plan you had for yourself today? Combined with the other question, Workout Today, it lets me know if I at least had some physical activity that was continuous for at least 20 minutes. If I didn't follow plan, it means that I probably did something that wasn't very intense for me. It means that I successfully moved, but only in a maintenance way and not a progressive way.

Success in healthy food choices is all-encompassing. For me, I find that I have the most success when I eat several small meals per day (in terms of later food choices and in weight loss in general). So, that means if I skip a meal, it was an unhealthy food choice. If I down a bag of chips, that was a bad food choice and will be the same as skipping a meal. It may sound hard on myself, but I was just trying to keep things simple.

In other news, I had a great weekend, got to talk over some of my feelings with my hubby (I was feeling a bit like a failure lately), and made a week-long menu for food with little checkboxes next to it to see whether or not I followed the plan. That's a great step in the right direction for me, since I don't have to think about what to eat next. I also now have a paper journal for food and thoughts. If I'm beginning to spread myself thin, I'll be able to consolidate paper, MOM journal and blog into one quite easily, since I will try to write in the paper journal throughout the day and then just wrap-up at day's end. I wrote Week One of 16 weeks on there, but I'm going to take it easy on myself and take it one step at a time. This week's goal is journaling.

And yesterday’s priority list:
Workout Today? Yes/No
Planned workout today? Yes/No
Planned meals for today? Yes/No
Followed plan for meals? Yes/No
Healthy food choices today? Yes/No __50__% (__3__ out of 6 meals) *skipping meals denotes unhealthy food choice
Enjoyed my family today? Yes/No
Succeeded for school today? Yes/No *school starts Sept 10

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