Thursday, August 23, 2007


Haha, so I was caught right away- didn't make it to my computer last night, so Wednesday was not posted. Here it is:

Workout Today? Yes/No
Planned workout today? Yes/No (walked 2 miles)
Planned meals for today? Yes/No
Followed plan for meals? Yes/No
Enjoyed my family today? Yes/No
Succeeded for school today? Yes/No *school starts Sept 10

I did not get a TT workout in yesterday. I could blame my daughter for not going to daycare and taking a nap at the worst possible time, but the truth is that I was sore and just didn't want to move until about 7pm, when I put my daughter in her stroller and braved the highway outside our door. Workout should happen today. I plan to do a TT bodyweight circuit.

I ate some popcorn last night. I was really hungry yesterday, and although I had EFL meals all day in their correct portions, I was just wanting to munch. I forgot about the carrots in my fridge, of course *scowl*. I don't know why I eat popcorn. Everytime I do, it feels like it gets stuck in my intestine. Yuck.

The studies on consumption of food and hunger in correlation with exercise have actually shown that an intense workout does not make one hungry after the workout, however, they have found that there is a correlation between an intense workout and increased food consumption approximately 48-72 hours later. If I look at that logically, it means that I was hungry yesterday because I worked out pretty intensely on Monday. I don't want to use that as an excuse, though.

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