Friday, August 17, 2007


I re-read through my blog posts last night and noticed one similarity running through many of the threads: excuses, aka justifications.

I am really good at justifying myself, which must completely annoy the perfectionist side (or feed off that side) of myself. I wonder if that isn't what's keeping me back. That and also not being grateful for being where I'm at currently. I'm constantly being told (by everyone, including spouse) that I look fine the way I am right now (some even have told me, "don't get too skinny")-wha? I'm still 20 lbs and 5 percentage points away from my ideal body comp! So there's some more issues lying on the table.

Well, school starts soon. Work will pick up soon. Daughter will be starting preschool and possibly gymnastics soon. I really really want to join a karate class or have some type of activity on the side, even though I likely won't have time (or daycare) for it. Sigh.

On the upside, I spent a couple of hours today cooking. Wow. Most of them were multi-use meals (easy leftovers/planned overs) and were all thrown in the freezer, except for the beef stew. I haven't decided if we'll eat that this weekend or not. All recipes were from the Eating for Life book, which is still my favorite recipe book of all time. Quick, easy, uses ingredients that I know, has nice pictures so I'm not scared of it. Although I also spent quite a while at the grocery store the other night, looking for some of the stuff that I'd recently heard of and didn't have a clue what it was (hominy, parsnips, new potatoes, beans of different types, etc). I was able to do that since daughter wasn't in tow. It's amazing what's in the grocery store, and what I'd never been exposed to as a child. It's no wonder I lived off string cheese and ice cream as a teenager!

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billy said...

It's huge to recognize your own excuses and justifications. Eliminate them and you're halfway home.

I get the "too skinny" comments too, it's just because people aren't used to seeing you like that and are worried about the drastic change...