Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Changing Workouts

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my workouts that were about to change. I did decide to do my own, at least for a little while. Last Monday, and yesterday, I did a 5x5 with Squats, Inverted Body Rows, Split Squats or Walking Lunges, Stability Ball Chest Press, and abs. Yesterday I also threw in quick-tempo, endurance bodyweight exercises that mimicked the heavy right after finishing. So I did Squat then bodyweight squat (24 at a 1-1-1 tempo), then Body Rows at different heights (low for heavy, high for bodyweight-25 at a 111 tempo), Overhead split squats then bodyweight split squats, chest press then pushups (20 on the knees, can't do full-body very fast yet), and by the time I got to abs, I was wiped. I tried to run a bit after that, got a couple of minutes before the hip stopped me (been bad this last week or so).

I was hoping to be in running shape enough to do a 5k run this weekend, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Sigh. At least I can deep squat 50lbs plus the bar (so, 75 lbs or so) and half squat 60 plus the bar, and chest press 30 lb dumbbells. I'm definitely more a sprinter than an endurance person, which can drive me nuts at times.

Food: yeah. I'll just stop there.

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