Thursday, June 14, 2007

Improving My Run

I managed to pull off sprints for 15 minutes today; 10 min at 6.8mph and 5 min at 7mph. Sprint for 20 seconds/rest for 10 seconds. A few times that was modified, once to 1 minute run/1 minute rest, twice or three times 30 sec run/40 second rest. 10 minute warm-up and cool-down, for a total of 35 minutes.

Now, considering that running has never been a strong point for me, that's awesome! My next goal with that would be to run 10 min at 7mph, which I think I should be able to do soon. And the big thing: the whole run, and even afterward, didn't hurt! Boy, if my hip could've progressed sooner... ah well. I'm going to credit, believe it or not, the IMT workouts. And keep doing them (not twice a day, or maybe even every day, but quite a few times per week).

My workouts are going to be changing next week again. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to go for Afterburn II or Turbulence Training, which I bought last week. I have yet to really read either workout. I may just design my own for a few weeks- I mean, after all, I am certified and design workouts for others all the time! I guess it's just nice to do something from someone else.

I'm going to intentionally leave the food issue alone tonight. I had salmon and broccoli for lunch, yum. Otherwise, I'm quite fed up with not only food in general but with my own issues with it. I'm going to enjoy my food for the next few days, and that's it. No doing fat grams and carb grams in my head, because it's getting ridiculous and I've stopped losing weight again. I realize that I've got to get the food issue down at some point, but it's going to take some major perspective and attitude overhaul. Or 4 weeks at some ridiculously expensive health resort. Sigh. If the universe were to give me something, it would be that (free ride, of course, or severely reduced- it would be a huge learning experience for me!) Funny thing is, I know how to "eat healthy." Sometimes, I have no problem doing it (ie lunch today, my grocery cart yesterday, etc). So somewhere, somehow, a message isn't quite getting somewhere.

I've been thinking alot about G-flux lately too (basically means, if you move more, you get to eat more). I think that for as hard as I work out, I do not move around enough. Sounds crazy, but it might be true! I would love to have time/money/childcare enough to join a karate/dance/tumbling/water aerobics class. Sometimes, it gets boring being the one in charge, and I want someone in charge of me! Late last month, I tried to sign up for a personal trainer, but it never went through (guess what- I won't be going to THAT gym again!), and neither did finances so it's probably a good thing it didn't.

Long post tonight. I think I had some things to get off my chest!

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