Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dax Moy's Challenge

Dax Moy put a challenge in my inbox about a week ago- the "Look Great Naked 9-Day Test Drive." Basically, it's all about torture, of course- it's Dax! No, seriously, he is challenging 10,000 people to lose an entire pants size by the end of June, and he's given everyone the tools with which to do it- one just has to follow it. All-or-none principle, just like a muscle firing. Amazingly, this stuff is free (right now anyway).

So I'll be following the Elimination Diet and the Integrated Movement Techniques for the next 14-30 days (the initial challenge was 9 days, then it changed to 10, then he admitted that he really hoped we'd all follow it for 30 days). It's strict and disciplined and there's not a whole lot of room for error (or cravings). The allowed list is any type of food that isn't wheat, dairy (except yogurt and eggs), pre-packaged, caffeine, alcohol, sugared, or meat that's red (unless it's organic- good thing we still have 20 lbs of that good quality ranch-raised, grass-fed South Dakota beef, which qualifies). That still leaves deli meat, nuts, fruit, and veggies, chicken and fish, and eggs and yogurt. Most of the food in my fridge qualifies.

I will try to post most daily food items. As boring as that is, perhaps it will give some ideas. I am also slated to get very busy in the next few weeks, so posts may also be hit-and-miss. It will be interesting to see what occurs!

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