Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Learned Something

I've learned something today: I may not eat a whole lot of wheat, processed foods, or dairy (I estimate that I go without about 80% of the time), but yeesh, it's getting next to impossible to keep myself happy with the Elim. Diet. Yes, I'm cranky. I've been cranky about it since last week Thursday.

So I've also learned this: logging my food and keeping my protein intake up seems to be the best method for me. Ergo, I will not be continuing the elimination diet.

I have learned that I can work harder at keeping those above items to a minimum, but eliminating them completely has only driven up my subconscious desire to subvert whatever "rules" I have suddenly placed upon myself. I was quite happy with my wacky egg and bran flakes breakfast. I have learned, though, that variety is good, and so I will continue changing up breakfast. I've also learned that I've definitely got to think up more ideas to get vegetables in my diet.

So it's been a learning process. However, I'm done. I appreciate what it's done for me so far, and I'll be interested to see how my body continues to change while I'm logging my food.

Sorry to let you down, Dax, but there was just too much elimination and not enough addition (and this is coming from someone who knows how to eat like you want)!

Food today:
Apple & Peanut Butter, One cup yogurt
Trail Mix
Strawberry Chocolate MRP (Myoplex Lite)
Lettuce salad with Chicken, Pineapple, Strawberries, Cantaloupe, Sunflower Seeds
{Breakdown occurs some point around 1:00, before the salad}
2 cups Lucky Charms with 1% milk (and damn it tasted good!)-- my healthy version of Lucky charms, when I'm not in breakdown mode, is 1/3 cup LC with 1/3 cup FiberOne Honey Clusters

And now, bed.

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