Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yep, Really!

I bought a size 10 pair of shorts yesterday, which is just absolutely mind-boggling. I had realized that most of my size 12's were becoming a little roomy, but I have a very hard time accepting new sizes sometimes. I have also done some other things over the last three weeks that prove I am nearly at my goal: I bought a real two-piece bikini (just need to whittle my hips a little bit further and I'll be glad to wear it in public), I've bought at least two medium-sized shirts, and a belt I had forgotten about was put on and automatically went one notch further than usual.

Happy dance continues.

I've been enjoying the current workout format I'm following, which is down the intensity scale/no. of workouts scale more than a couple of notches from Afterburn. However, I'm seeing wonderful results from it: I did two full pull-ups on Monday (two hours apart, but one was after my workout), and I'm able to do 5 elevated push-ups (feet on a bench) and they feel "easy". I'll get that dnged single leg squat one of these days. Plus I'm still *obviously* losing inches.

More later!

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