Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not hiding...

Okay, I'm here! I'm not hiding, but the cookies are almost gone ;) I've been able to re-discipline myself yesterday and today, working back toward the spot I was before I crashed. Truthfully, it's actually about time I crashed- I am on week 7, and while I had a couple of shaky weeks so far, I hadn't had a full breakdown yet. So.

I'm back.

The cookies no longer call me, I've been working on getting back on track (still skipped morning midmeal today), and I'll be in to the gym by 4 for a good workout. School and work are picking up quite heartily, so my internet hours will be reduced over the next few weeks. I will still post (nearly) every day. I will also use this last week (3 days actually) as a learning tool.

Thanks for the support!


Kristen said...

Yeah Carrie! :)

Marcol said...

Glad youre not hiding and glad youre no longer atune to the cookie's call :)