Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I can Tell...

Yesterday’s Priority List:
Workout Today? Yes/No
Planned workout today? Yes/No
Planned meals for today? Yes/No
Followed plan for meals? Yes/No
Healthy food choices today? Yes/No _70___% (__4__ out of 6 meals) *skipping meals denotes unhealthy food choice
Enjoyed my family today? Yes/No
Succeeded for school today? Yes/No

I can tell that school, work, and everything has picked uplately. I'm behind on the MTM forum, I'm behind on my blog, I do not have the costumes made for Halloween, and I have a paper due next Monday that I have no idea when I'll work on it. Feeling overwhelmed? Sure. Will I get everything done? Most likely, I usually do. Things that can be ignored will be, so I apologize if I'm only lurking and not posting like normal- I'm still giving everyone my full support, 'cause I know how much I myself have needed it!

I can tell I haven't posted in a while. Here's the few thoughts that meant to make it on here and didn't:
  • It's no wonder I dived into the chocolate chip cookies last week, it was rainy, dreary, cold, and guess what showed up on Thursday? I'm female if you need a hint.
  • I can't remember if I posted my intent to crack down this week. Of course, cracking down without a menu is like saying I'm going grocery shopping without the list...on an empty stomach...
  • I'm really really starting to give the whole passive income thing a serious look. I've got a wonderful experience with nutrition and weight loss that I'm sure others would like a perspective into, and it may just help others get their head on straight when it comes to eating for health and weight loss. Now, if I could just follow my own advice...
  • My gym's website is finally completed (sort of). I still have to add a link or two, and a bio here and there, but the bulk of it is done. Now I can pat myself on the back and count my third professional site a success (for a hobby, that's pretty cool, AND I've gotten paid for two of the three!).
There! I count myself as posted.

I had a really good workout today, with TT Week 3 Workout A completed at these weights: 40x3 RDL's, 30x3 Chest press on stability ball, 20x3 Reverse lunges, 20x2/15x1 shoulder presses. Then I took an hour break, convinced myself that it would be totally worth it to do the intervals, and did a bodyweight circuit that left me with a huge stitch in my side by the time it was done: Prisoner Squats x 20, Kneeling Pushups x 20 (x15 by the third go-around), Kettlebell swings x 15 w/ 25lbs, and ab curl on ball x 20. Rest one minute, rinse and repeat for 20 minutes. I got 5 circuits done. I needed 20 minutes of 3.0 mph walking on the treadmill to cool down from that one. And stretching. SOO important!

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Marcol said...

Good for you on another website. Tell me more about this passive income thingee. Ive been getting fearful about this whole personal trainer cert...any suggestions?