Monday, October 8, 2007


It's Monday! Hello! I'm in a rather good mood, which I'm loving. I have one reason not to be in a good mood, and two reasons to be jumping for joy.

Getting the bad news over with first: our little kitty, who just turned 8 weeks old, got hit by one of our cars this morning (we're not sure who the culprit is). It broke his pelvis and femur, and he's in a lot of pain. Our three choices were: operate, putting in pins and costing $$$, put him down, which none of us wanted to do, or take him home, keep him kenneled for 6-8 weeks and see how well he heals. Poor little guy. However, he's also the kitten we discovered not four weeks ago with a tail that had been infected and infested, and after that was docked off, he was just fine. So, we've decided the kennel to be the best option. Luckily, we've got a playpen, and we're utilizing that. I believe he'll be fine and good as new in a few short weeks (well, at least in 6 weeks). However, our other three kitties are going to miss playing with him (especially our Bennamin, who acts toward Spunky-yes, that's his name, and he deserves it- as a teenaged older brother acts toward his new baby brother- Benn is 4 months old, he's such a teenager!)

Now for the good news: I put on, and then ZIPPED UP, a pair of SIZE 8 jeans on Saturday! It was absolutely amazing! *doing the happy dance* They were tight, like my 16's used to be tight, and my 14's used to be tight, and my 12's used to be tight (muffin top a bit), but they zipped. I didn't buy them, although I was highly tempted. I will buy them in a couple of weeks (or next Tuesday, to be exact) when they fit better. I tried on the 10's too, and they fit perfectly. I had to keep checking the tags to be sure they were right. It's hard to convey the feelings that went (and are still going) through my head. When I was a fat teenager, I made the goal that I was going to get into a pair of 8's someday. I'm 27 now, so it's been at least 10 years since I made that goal. That's a damn long time to not accomplish a goal (it's no wonder I'm plagued with feelings of not being good enough or a failure, even when they obviously aren't true!). My hubby said he's been wondering when my brain would catch up with reality- he's noticed for a long time now how good I've been looking (his words, not mine), and he's vicariously enjoying the results.

As for the proof in the pudding on those size 8's: I weighed in today at 151. Yes, that number is right. I stared at it for awhile, doubting my sanity, since my eating wasn't so hot last week or this past weekend. So I got off the scale, then got back on, twice. I tell you, that scale is effed up- not only does it weigh at least 10 pounds higher than the nice, calibrated scale in the lab at school (I've checked), but each time after that when I got on, it weighed me two pounds higher- yep, 153 and then 155 (or the numbers read 163 and 165). So I'm going with the first number. Heheh, I wonder if it would have gone up to 157, then 159, if I'd gotten on any more times? :D

I'm feeling pretty good right now (I said that already, didn't I?). I did the Turbulence Training Workout B today, and increased weight on the first circuit, which was great. I didn't have class today either, which is probably why I'm not feeling burned. It doesn't mean I got any homework accomplished today, like I'd planned, but at the very least I had a productive day. I didn't follow menu too well, but had good food choices all day. I'll post the priority list tomorrow, since I'm liking the system of logging the previous day's priorities. Yesterday was a complete and utter free day. No stress, not a whole lot of discipline, not the best food choices. Feeling it today? Yes. Otherwise, not really- no guilt!

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Marcol said...

Sorry to hear about Spunky - hope the 6 weeks proves great recovery for him.

AWESOME news on the size 8's and the 151 weigh-in! so what if its taken 10 years to make it happen, its happening and thats all that matters!!!