Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Description of Passive Income

As requested, here is a description of the passive income thingie I was talking about in a post last week:

What I'm talking about is the income that happens on-line- you set up a solution to a problem and then sell it (gee- sound like TT, Afterburn, etc?). Basically, the field of nutrition and fitness is wide open for people who know their stuff to step in and be able to use their perspective to get others moving and eating right, losing weight.

Now, of course I do not profess to know everything- my experience so far is very small, but I'm learning, and therein lies the solution- people can learn from my perspective, because I write differently and from a different focus point than Craig Ballantyne, Alwyn Cosgrove, etc. Pat O'Bryan, www.yourportableempire.com, is the one who opened it up to me. I'd been seeing stuff about it for quite a few months from Dax Moy, Ryan Lee (who just released a similar book), and Craig, but wasn't really paying attention because I didn't know what it was about, didn't really want to get into something new. However, something told me to get Pat's book when Joe Vitale promoted it on his blog, and for once I actually acted on it (I'm rarely an emotional buyer- that whole being-in-graduate-school thing tends to put the kobosh on any spending outside things related directly to school or life needs). So that's the passive income thing I was talking about. I haven't acted on that though, because the book also made me realize how important graduate school is to me, no matter how sick of it I am. My goal right now is to graduate in May, and I know that, along with family and work, is going to take up 85% of my time. Workouts and my weight loss goal are going to take up at least 10%, and extras are going to take that remaining five, and there's always thousands of things I want to do or have to do (housework, egh).

So that's the bare basics. See? I'm going to write the book! :)

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