Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all following the Gregorian Calendar! It is now officially 2008, in fact, it's already the second day.

New Years celebration was great for me, as I got to hang out with some friends who were visiting. Food and alcohol imbibed, I'm all partied out and ready to get back into the swing of things where diet and exercise are concerned. I got some KETTLEBELLS as a late Christmas present, and they're pretty sweet (I'll tell you a secret- get over to Shopko right now and you can get 3 for 50 bucks- really! They're from Reebok, and the workout included with them sucks, but hey, it's better than trying to dish out $100 for one. If you want a little more expensive, Scheels has them for $60). My husband's just waiting for me to impale something with one of them (or would that be crush? eh.). I have three different weights: a 10#, 15# & 20#. They don't go any higher at Shopko unfortunately, or I'd have a 15, 20, & 25# set.

You know you're addicted to fitness when the most exciting part of your Christmas was getting a piece of workout equipment...

Also, today's the LAST Day for the Turbulence Training promotion. Get over there and get your free bonuses before 11:59 EST tonight! If you already have TT and aren't signed up for the TT Member's site, you should check your email for a 1-day free pass so you can get the bonuses too. I got 'em and they're pretty good!

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Rob Tucker said...

You're right about the 'cool gifts being fitness related' thing. I got a kickass pair of New Balance 826s (I think that's the number) that are light as hell.

Good to see the fire!