Tuesday, January 15, 2008

About those Pics,

You know, it's kinda funny, the more I look at my pics I posted yesterday, the better I feel about myself. Sheesh, my mirror lies, because I saw myself a lot bigger than I am in those pics. Or else my hubby is just a really good photographer.

I'm excited because I really see now how close I am to seeing those abs. I designed a bodyweight workout for me to do on Tue, Thurs, and Saturdays for the next month. It looks like this:

Tues: How many sets in 20 minutes:
Prisoner Squats x10
Push-ups (full body)x10
Bulgarian Split Squats x10
Inverted Rows x10
Ball Ab Crunch x10
Ball Leg Curl x10
(I got 5 sets done, and am going to shoot for 6 next week)
HIIT if I can stomach it, 20 minutes 30 sec on/ 90 sec off- I couldn't today, I was exhausted at the end of the bw circuit!

Thurs: How many sets in 20 minutes:
Split Squats x20
Inverted Rows x15
Kettlebell Swings x30
Ball Ab Crunch x20
(I'll be aiming for 5-7 sets)
HIIT if I can stomach it, 20 min: 1 min on/2 min off

Sat: Perform in circuit, rest 2 min at end of circuit then repeat 2x
Single Leg Deadlift 3x10
Pull-ups 3x5
Y-Squats 3x25
Push-ups 3x15
Rest 2 minutes
20 minutes of HIIT, 30 sec on/30 sec off for 8 rounds

This is, of course, on top of the bootcamp-style workouts I'm doing on Mon, Wed, and Fridays. I am thinking I may be sadistic.


You're welcome to try it if you want, and let me know your "score" so I've got something to beat!

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Rob Tucker said...

Those workouts are solid, you'll be seeing those abs pop in a hurry. Nice!