Thursday, January 24, 2008

Miss me When I'm Gone

How's this for cool? I'd been hearing this song on our local college alternative rock station, and finally remembered to figure out who it was by. Turns out it's called "When I'm Gone" by Simple Plan. Here are the lyrics and you can figure out why I love the song so much:

Simple Plan When I'm Gone Lyrics

And here's the music vid and song:

Simple Plan When I'm Gone Video

Not gonna waste another moment. Powerful stuff.

I also downloaded Okay Go +Nike's "Master the Treadmill" soundtrack. Awesome. Go to iTunes and get it, you'll have the best run ever. I know I did. I can tell my running's finally really coming along, I hit 7 mph for the hard stuff, found a groove, and went to town. Still not able to go for more than a minute at 7 mph, but it's better than nothing. It didn't hurt, although my hip is out of place.

Eating was better today. I lived off beef jerky the entire afternoon (including lunch), so that wasn't so great, but I don't feel like I need to eat the house. So I'm doing better than a couple others, who are feeling today what I felt yesterday. However, I need to go eat again.

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Rob Tucker said...

One day at a time is all we can ask for, right? I'm digging that tune, btw. Good find.