Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kettlebell Love Forever

As stated a week or so ago, I'm doing Josh Hillis' Stubborn Holiday Plan, and it's pretty awesome. I used my new 20# kettlebell for the first time during that workout (first structured workout anyway), and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. My back muscles are sore from the swings, which means that I got a great workout. So I love my new kettlebells.

In other news, it seems that my 144 was not long for this world, as I weighed in at a disappointing 147.5 this morning. Sigh. I'll get it back, and soon, and then I'll go for more.

I decided not to join the January challenge. Part of it is that I get really strange thinking patterns (i.e. less ability to control my eating habits, skipping meals then bingeing, etc). The rest of it is that I have so little to lose, my poundages seem like nothing even when they bring about great body composition changes. What I did like about the challenge: it controlled my eating portions quite a bit, as well as the choices I made during the holidays. However, I tend to sabotage in my effort to prove that I don't deserve to win anything (it's a self-esteem issue for sure). So I'll participate, but in my own little world and will compete against myself.

So, January beginning weight: 147.5
End of January goal weight: 138.0

I know I promised myself that December would be the end of it, but I want to see that elusive 20% bodyfat before summer (and keep it too). Since I haven't yet seen it, then I'm not going to be done until I am. I will attain the title of my own damn book so I don't feel like a hypocrite!

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Rob Tucker said...

As long as you're chasing a goal, that's what it's all about. Just keep working hard, you'll get there.