Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year's Resolutions!

I'm back (for a couple of days anyway)!

I had a great week last week, I learned how to snowshoe, cross-country ski, and play broomball (think a cross between hockey and soccer using broomsticks instead of hockey sticks and shoes instead of ice). All of them, lots of fun, lots of movement. I'm still sore.

It also showed me when and where I feel out of shape. Walking up hills, after long repetitive movements. Not after 10 minutes, or twenty minutes. I snowshoed for 4 hours- it hurt, but only in my hip flexors. I wasn't out of breath. I cross-country skiied for two hours- got my heart-rate up, kept a conversation going, got up some speed. No problem. I played broomball for an hour and a half. Got tired, wasn't doing as many sprints toward the end as I was in the beginning, but it wasn't difficult.

Nope. I was walking up the damn hill that got me pooped.

I'm also still eating too much, but I'm working toward it being the higher-quality foods again. Man, I can't wait until I get back under control. The funny thing is, I'm such a big believer in what you believe is how things are. I'm trying my damndest to try and believe I can change what's going on, but it's not happening. Oy.

I'm moving in the right direction though, so I believe I'll get there. I need to, and soon.

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