Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jumping Back In

Well, I'm back in civilization, as we all call it. It was an amazing summer for me, but also one that has left me with more questions than answers.

Since my internet access was either slow or nonexistent for most of the summer, I realize that I've got a lot of updating to do! First things first:

  • *We ended up in St. Paul, MN. Cute little neighborhood, right smack in the middle of the city/suburbs.
  • *My job is absolutely wonderful. Lots of logistics, customer relations, communication, with the added benefit of spending entire summers in the Northwoods of MN. Strangely enough, it does have a lot to do with fitness, but I'm in the admin part, so I am currently not training anyone.
  • *Moving to the city means finding a new gym. I've currently got a trial membership at Gold's Gym, but it's 15 minutes in the wrong direction, so I'm looking at a Bally's that's on the way to work. There's a huge part of me that wants to stay as far away from the chains as possible, but another that wants the classes aspect, such as cardio karate and Zumba. The only other gym I've found on the way to work that isn't a chain, and appeals to me, is a regular gym without all the frills. There is an amazing shortage of gyms in the St. Paul area. So for anyone who wants to start a gym, it's an open market! On the gym note, I also found a kettlebell class. $15 per class or $120 per month. I may have to go with the $15/class option.
  • *During the summer, I read "Zero Limits" and "The Key", both by Joe Vitale. I highly highly recommend both. The Law of Attraction on crack, and it works- if nothing else, I feel better about myself! I will be talking about both more later.
  • *The comfort I had found with my current weight and body shape last spring, fairly solidified over the summer. I think I've gained some weight, and I know I've lost muscle because I haven't been lifting heavy (although canoes do count...), but so far it's not a bad weight. I just want to get back to working out in a gym regularly because I love working out.
  • *I'm also working on an idea, based on the "Zero Limits" book, about clearing the obesity epidemic. There's not much behind the idea yet, but I'm working on it.
  • *I'm also writing another book, geared towards teenage girls. So far I'm liking it 20x better than my first book, which probably says something about my first book.

So the questions that remain are, do I want to continue training people? I go back and forth on it. I think the experience is good, and I enjoyed doing it. However, I do have a full-time job and a family, and I'm no longer in school- I sort of want to enjoy the extra time I've got on my hands. So that's what I'm left with.

I've got some catching up on other blogs to do!


Dave said...

Wow, St. Paul, one of the most confusing cities to drive in MN :P

As far as a gym goes, I like LifeTime Fitness and Gold's Gym for the big names. There are a couple near (and in) St. Paul.

BTW, welcome back to blog world, I am still trying to get back into it, I am not sure what my problem is...

Melissa said...

Its great to see you back, and looking forward to your blogs! Sounds like you had a great summer :)

Carrie said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the Cities welcome ;) I've actually found St. Paul to be somewhat rational. Ever driven Sioux City, IA? I've done the google search several times for gyms in my local area, and the closest one is a Y about 15 blocks away in a scary-ish neighborhood. The Bally's is right off I-94. A few of the Lifetime's closest to work, but farthest from where I live. Now, if you need me to shoot some fire back into you in order to get back to blogging, just let me know! I can drive up and kick some butt, 'cause I'm not terribly far away anymore!

Thanks! I've been reading on your blog, and you've been doing wonderful with the cards that were handed to you. Lots of hugs, and I'm looking forward to more entries from you!