Monday, February 25, 2008

Embarassing Enough

My car wouldn't start this morning. So, considering that I had to get my daughter to school, I decided to use the bike to get her there. Now keep in mind that while yesterday's temps were near 40, today's temps were in the teens and dropping, with the wind increasing. Honestly, I should have turned the bike around when I realized how windy it was and called a mechanic, but because I'm either a) stubborn or b) stupid or c) both, I decided to go for it.

Two miles has never seemed so long in my life. Flat tires on the bike and the trailer, plus perpendicular winds, made for a tough ride. I had to get off and walk several times. No turning around for me!

It was stupid, actually. Really.

By the time I got my daughter to preschool, she was crying, I was nearly crying, and I could barely walk. It took about 45 minutes to traverse the two miles.

Yeah. Really stupid. I proceeded to the nearest garage and had them haul me back to my place and jump the car, which I promptly drove back to town so the battery could be changed.

On the bright side, I got in my workout today. And the tires on my bike are no longer flat, so on the first NICE day of spring I can get my bike out there.

But I still need to have my brain checked out, that's for sure!

On a side note: It's twelve weeks exactly to Judgement Day (Memorial Day) and 9 weeks until graduation commencent (my peak date, I've decided). I would like to finish my thesis so I can re-buckle down on the workouts/nutrition, rather than this half-ass I find myself doing.


justin said...

I'm sorry...but that story is hilarious. It reminds me of some of the many moronic decisions that I make. I live by the mantra of instead of stepping in the water to get my feet wet...I prefer to do a belly smacker.

Rob Tucker said...

LOL, I'm with Justin. One of those "as long as you are ok, am I allowed to laugh?" stories.

Poor kid :)

Jim McCoy said...

I feel bad for the kid, but I understand what happened here, because I've come close to this type of thing myself a few times. Everybody is ok, though, so I don't have to feel bad about the fact that I laughed like an idiot