Friday, February 22, 2008


Today's weigh-in: 149.5

Ugh. Not sure what I did wrong this week, esp. since I weighed in at 145.5 on Wednesday...although I did feel pretty bloated yesterday; today I felt normal and thought I'd come in at 147. Sigh. On the weight-loss front, this hasn't been the year for me so far. I know that I have REALLY got to start kicking my butt on the nutrition aspect, but I'm just not really finding it in me.

I believe I may have too much on my plate.

No, really?

7 clients, one major pain the a$$ thesis, two classes, a child, a hubby, housework, and did I mention that thesis? plus graduation anxiety looming, thesis, workouts, etc. And that thesis.

It's no wonder nutrition gets shoved to the back sometimes. I'll be definitely grocery shopping this weekend, so I've got some veggies next week and no excuses. I should probably spend some time on Sunday preparing meals too.

Daughter's feeling better today, so that takes a load off!

Today's workout was awesome though:
Tabata Sprints- 20/10, Thrusters, for 4 minutes (15 lb for 2 min, 10 lb for 2 min)
Rest 2 min
20/10, Kettlebell Swings for 5 minutes (20 lb kb)
Rest 2 min
20/10, Bent-over rows for 4 minutes (10 lb weights)
Rest 2 min
Ab workout- 1A) Ball rollout, 3x10
2A) Stability ball plank, 3x20 sec
1B) Spiderman climb, 3x20
2B)Stability ball ab crunch, 3x15
Treadmill HIIT- 30/90, 7.0 mph/3.0 mph

And may I say, ouch...


Melissa said...

I agree you have a lot on your plate. I dont know how you do it. Nutrition has always been my problem, so I can relate. I think preparing is the key to sucess :)

Rob Tucker said...

That's a lot going on. DO you think you're retaining water? Maybe too high on the carbs? Don't sweat the weigh in - if you're doing your thing, it'll pop right back down.