Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today's weigh-in: 145.5

Comparing that to last Friday's weigh-in, which was that consistent 147, that's a 1.5 pound drop, also coming off a bad weekend. Not bad I'd say. I'm seriously considering doing the fast again on Thursday-Friday, maybe starting a little earlier in the day on Thursday (which apparently seems to be tomorrow already...). We'll see. Daughter now has strep throat on top of the Influenza B, so perhaps I should be making sure I'm just getting as much nutrition as possible, eh?

I do believe I must have had a culinary success last weekend with the Asian stir-fry (or sorry-two weekends ago), because my hubby made a variant of it on Sunday and again today. Not too bad, either. See? He's not a lost cause... (and just so I don't confuse anyone, he's home this week b/c daughter is sick)

2 portions spaghetti noodles (approx 1 cup)
3/4 pound pork loin, sliced/cubed
vegetables- he used sugar snap peas, corn, and peas
1-2 tbsp chili olive oil
1/4 cup soy sauce
chili powder, black pepper, and Cavendar's Greek seasoning, to taste

Boil water and prepare spaghetti noodles. While that is cooking, cook pork loin until just browned through. Add chili olive oil and vegetables to pan, add soy sauce, season, and cook until veggies are just done. Serve over noodles!

Some thoughts today on the post-fasting: I really did feel today like I was going into things with a new mindset. I noticed that I had been becoming a little obsessive about food, almost to addiction, partly because my schedule has been busy and interesting, and at times I've had to rush to get any food in at all during the day. There was no obsessing today. I ate when I needed to, and only as much as I needed to be satisfied. No fear that there wasn't going to be enough food. So, perhaps it was good for me (I say that very grudgingly, as I know that Brad Pilon is going to be going, "See? I told you so." *grin*).


justin said...

Congrats on the fasting. I'm not sure if I'm up to it yet, but I'll probably do one at some point.

Your asian stir-fry looks pretty delicious. I've got a half box of whole grain spaghetti noodles in the cabinet, so I'll probably be whipping this recipe up in the next couple days.

Rob Tucker said...

Did you find that during the day you were fasting you were STARVING and constantly thinking about food?

justin said...

I start every day starving and constantly thinking about food.

Carrie said...

In the morning, I was more nauseous than anything (which seems to happen when I drink water right away in the morning without anything in my stomach). I quelched that by adding FiberSure to the water, since it gave my stomach the bulk it was obviously looking for. I was working on my thesis pretty much the whole day so I had to think about that rather than food; the points I had a hard time with were when I'd go to the bathroom (which is through the kitchen in our house), and then approx 2 p.m. I started getting really hungry, shaky, and food-centered. My attention also went to pot about that time too. But I stuck with my promise to myself, and made it to 5 p.m.

Carrie said...

Justin, the asian stir-fry is cool. If you want the exact recipe, I can post it!

Brad Pilon said...

See, I told you so! ;)

(Sorry...I couldn't resist).

Keep up the great work,


Carrie said...

LOL @ Brad ;)