Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Dance

Checked my bodyfat percentage again last night, just to be a total pain for myself (just kidding! I was curious). I had noticed that over the weekend, my belly was showing nearly-forgotten signs of a fat drop-off, which means it was looking bigger than usual, extra jiggly, and just not quite right. By last night, the look had disappeared, so I checked, and yep! It's amazing what can happen overnight for me (literally) if I'm just patient enough and keep working my mojo ;). I went from last Thursday's bodyfat measurement of 18 mm (27% bf) to 16 mm (26% bf).

Oh yeah, happy dance. Or big goofy grin.

I have one more millimeter to go before I'm out of the overweight and into normal, and 7% points more to go (which is 8 more mm) before I see the real amazing results that I'm looking for.

In other news, eating has been fab the last few days- fun stuff here and there (actually, I ate way too much on Friday night and a bunch of cookie dough on Saturday, but those seemed to boost morale and help me retrain my focus more than anything, since my body did not respond favorably). Workouts: had one Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday (yesterday). Plan to do today's very shortly.

Still keeping to the non-wheat/gluten type foods and low milk intake (except for cottage cheese and yogurt with the occasional cheddar), and still carb cycling. Yesterday was a no carb day. Today's a high carb, which means I get to make sure all the nutrients I missed yesterday get thrown in. Cravings hit a lot yesterday, and for the most random stuff, too. I realized that I had forgotten to take my multivitamin (Prograde's VGF-25) for the last several days, so that probably explains it.

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