Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We moved this past weekend, now we're back in the Southeast South Dakota area. Hence the lack of posts since last Wednesday! The eating hasn't been anything to brag about, but I've gotten in a couple of workouts.

I didn't mention anything about it, but last week I concentrated on making sure breakfast was solid. Even if nothing else went right, at least I would have breakfast right. I'm working on getting ratios to a 40%-30%-30% (protein-carbs-fat) to a full day, but it's not going to happen all at once. I'm beginning to believe that is one of the reasons so many people fail at changing their dietary habits- it's because they try to change everything at once, feel deprived, and quit. Josh Hillis of the Stubborn 7 Pounds workouts suggested concentrating on just one thing at a time, for a week at a time. So far, I think he's going to be right. I'm going to continue hitting breakfast solid, and the next meal to tackle is lunch.

I think I also forgot to mention that I signed up to Snap Fitness on the Wednesday before everything changed. I rather like those gyms, each one I've tried has been comforting, goal-oriented, and just like a gym should be (unlike that Bally's POS place). I haven't had too much trouble getting myself to go to them, which of course makes sense because I love working out and just need a place to focus. Now that we've moved, the closest Snap Fitness is 20 miles away, but I'm willing to continue going to that gym for a while longer. I'll say one thing- I need the focus of a gym. I don't find enough of that working at home, no matter how convenient that is.

Here's a quick rundown of the last few days:
Thursday: This day is a hazy blur in my memory. I honestly cannot remember anything about it other than that we packed all day.
Friday: At some point during the packing, my hubby chased me out the door to the gym. It was strange- I was tired, had been on my feet all day, and wasn't looking forward to it, but once I got to the gym, it all changed. The workout was solid and felt great, and it gave me the energy to keep on packing.
Saturday: Moving day!
Sunday and Monday: No workout, not so great food choices.
Tuesday (today): Not so great food choices, solid workout.

Tuesday's workout:
1a: Deadlift 3x8, 15 lb dumbbells
2a: One-arm back row 3x8, 15 lb dumbbell

1b: Split Squat 3x8, 5 lb dumbbells
2b: Pushup, kneeling 3x8

1c: SB leg curls 3x15
2c: Plank, 30 sec

1d: Turkish get-ups, 1x5 each side

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