Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day One

Day one on the imaginary scorecard: 85%. Not bad. I will call that decent. Only remembered to take a picture of one meal. Workout done. Five meals eaten.

Meal one: egg whites with spinach and mushrooms, 1/4 cup oatmeal
Meal two: lean ground beef with onion mushrooms green beans and 1 cup watermelon
Meal three: ice cream birthday cake small slice (knowing how those go it was still probably about 300 calories)
Meal four: six inch roasted chic breast with cheese and spinach on honey oat bread from subway
Meal five: same

Workout: bodyweight exercise warmup- squats x 10, y-pulldowns x 10, stability ball leg curls x 10 (go thru twice)
Supersets of renegade squats 2x16/push press 2x8, swings 2x15/back rows 2x8, clean and press 2x8/mountain climbers 2x20
Low weights as I concentrated on form and want to prevent being too sore.

I did this workout in a gym but the whole thing can be done with a kettlebell, and it Is definitely a pretty sweet workout.

The family and I traveled south today after a birthday party, (hence the cake and the sandwiches from Subway. Today was definitely very eye-opening as to how bad my calorie intake/portion sizes had gotten. Ooph.

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