Monday, January 24, 2011

The sugar challenge

Today was the first day of the 10-day no-sugar challenge that Beck and I are doing together.

I won't consider it a complete success, as I believe some hidden sugars probably slipped in. I will call it good though.

  • -skipped due to sleeping in (whoops- daughter had turned off the sound on my iTouch and I forgot to turn it back on!)
Mid-morning meal:
  • -sunflower seeds- approx 1 oz
  • 1 cup spaghetti (hidden sugar in sauce, most likely- I made it last night, and there's a lot of left overs, so I'll be eating it for lunch tomorrow and again on Wednesday- not much I can do about that unless i want it to go bad, which I don't want to do; we've got to use up what we have right now as we're at the end of our grocery budget)
  • 2 cheddar biscuits (from Schwans- probably hidden sugar)
Mid-afternoon meal:
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter on 2 slices homemade bread
Pre-dinner snack at 6:30 pm:
  • 1 oz sunflower seeds
Dinner at 7:45 pm:
  • Spaghetti (again)
  • Bread (again)
  • Biscuit (again)

Not a whole lot of variety in today's food, nor any real vegetables. Or fruits. No reason, really, except for bad planning ahead. Also, about 4 meals more of wheat than I usually eat.

So, I know that the spaghetti's on the docket for lunch again tomorrow- although now that I look at that, I'm kinda spaghettied-out. I can certainly do an orange, some eggs, nuts, and broccoli with or during other meals. I've got cabbage too, and stir fry veggies, and some tuna, that I could throw together for lunch, and leave the spaghetti for another time. Using what I've got!

20 minutes of snow shoveling and 10 minutes mobility. Part of me is judging that, saying I should do more. The rest of me says to go to bed immediately. Right now, I'm much more likely to go to bed. I could do a little more mobility work though- my back is sore...

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