Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Knee Story

O.M.G. I actually had to LOOK UP the address to this blog when I was asked for it earlier today. That tells me something!

I'll stop ignoring it, really!

I currently feel a bit like I've been working to gain momentum on a ball that has corners- start, stop, start, stop.

Some background:
In September (pretty much right after I posted the last blog post), I dislocated my knee while doing some single leg squats. That tore my meniscus, which I didn't find out until mid-November when the tear got caught between two bones and pinched- HARD. And here I had just thought I strained a ligament or something.

So, after already babying the left knee for the fall months of Sept, Oct, and November (with reduced workouts and workout intensity as a result), I underwent knee surgery on December 6. I figured I'd be done with it and good as gold right after.

Not so much.

I spent a week on crutches, the next few weeks hobbling around and having extraordinarily limited ability to work out (as in, one workout a week pretty much did me in). January 7, I'd had enough and started Josh Hillis' 21-Day Kettlebell Challenge. Got through Day 1. Got through Day 2. By Day 3, my knee was stiff again. Grumble. Alright, so I took the hint and backed off again.

So, here I am now. I have decided that I'm going to go against every fiber in my being and quit doing the "all or nothing" approach. 3 days per week, no pressure to do more. The three days are not to be consecutive, at least for the first few weeks. Ice the knee every night and keep it up, but also listen to it. Don't push it just to show clients how to do an exercise. If I can't show it, and they don't know it, I'll change it to something they do know. Finally give my knee some real rest, since I've been trying to push it ever since the surgery.

On the positive, each week I can do a little more on it, which means it is making progress. I just, of course, want it all done with YESTERDAY.

Next Tuesday is 6 weeks since the surgery. Here's to being FULLY recovered by 10 weeks out.

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