Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time to Get Killer

I'll admit it, I've been drooling. Hang on a minute while I wipe off the keyboard. Craig Ballantyne, author of the Turbulence Training System, has just released all of his monthly workouts for $9.95 each, and I've been looking at them all. I may have a good portion of them, but I realize that I've missed a few, and I would love to get back in the Turbulence Training style of workouts. If you click here, you can check out all the workouts too. If nothing else, it's a good introduction to Turbulence Training without the price ($39.95 or something like that for the basic version, which actually isn't bad for 16+ weeks of workouts, eating suggestions, and the like).

I do realize that I said only a week ago that I've been doing well with my current workout program of Iron Core kettlebells and the strangely-silly-but-there Wii Fit, but I'm thinking I like to change way too often when I'm not on a solid routine, and I would love to get on one of those again.

So, off I go to either drool some more or actually get one of the Bodyweight Workouts. If you hear me scream, it's because I bought one that I already had.

Yeah, so I'm a TT fan, I'll admit it. Can I be Craig Ballantyne's next groupie? *grin*

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