Thursday, March 19, 2009


Amazing that Thursday has come and gone! I haven't had the hardest time this week, and I'm working toward this week's goals.

-Meals haven't exactly been planned out way in advance, but the planning that has gone in is that which pertains to having a quality snack available for morning and afternoon. It has helped immensely. It's always funny how I can have times where I'm thinking, "ah, no snack, no problem, I usually don't need it anyway" but then end up eating my weight in food at mealtimes because I'm either starving or think i have the calorie allotment for it (weird justification, totally not true, mostly because our bodies don't digest large amounts of food as efficiently as small amounts, leading to food sitting in the digestive tract longer and more nutrients-ie calories- being ingested). However, when I have a snack, I feel much better and am able to regulate meals much better.

-I've had two workouts so far this week. Today's workout was short and quick, but I'm working my way back up the intensity scale more slowly than I thought I could. After nearly killing myself with an overly intense workout last week I realized that I need to build up some more of my functional muscle strength again before going all-out in the intensity department.

-Food choices have been much healthier. That's a good thing. Now all I need to do is teach hubby not to use so much pasta and we'll be set. Oh, and I need to hit up the grocery store for veggies. Realized last night that except for a cabbage, some cauliflower, and a bunch of onions, we're out.

I've also been doing some more releasing via the Sedona Method. Basically just getting rid of some of the layers of guilt, control issues, and need for approval and security. It can be amazing how liberating that is. I've built up quite a bit, but I'm seeing the positive side of the coin, which should help in future decisions. It's also helping me re-define why I want to go on this journey again. The re-start is something I've been having a very hard time with, because I've got such a huge fear of failing again. So, it's time to set myself up for winning, and to go all the way!

I'm thinking there's something else I wanted to address, but I've completely blanked. So, I'll sign off for today!

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