Monday, May 5, 2008

Where's Carrie?

I'm here, I'm alive, although I'm not sure I'm too healthy right now. I've been working on a whole slew of things, and the crunch time is happening a lot quicker than I'd like. So, even though graduation was this weekend, I'm not done yet. I have an exam tomorrow night, and Orals (defense) are scheduled for May 16, which is also the day I should have most of my house packed up. I'm finishing up my job, and clients. I'm working on my book in little bitty pieces so I can have a re-release and cancel my subscription for Fitness Generator, which is a good little animated exercise generator, but not worth $37/month.

I've been fighting something off for the last couple of days, so no workout today. Decently healthy food today, although I'm trying to restrict cals a little more than usual because I really feel like I ate too much this last weekend- too much partying. A lot of it was junk food too, which my body really is not used to anymore.

If there's anything else it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. I'm going to bed.

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